Network West aims to strengthen Neighbourhood Houses in the western region of Melbourne using a community development framework.

We support our Membership in the following areas:

– Offer induction tours
– Work with coordinators and committees of management on improving governance

Policy & Procedures
– Help to formulate policies & procedures, drawing on resources and experience of other NHs

– support NHs with adhering to compliance requirements

Strategic Planning
– Assist with strategic planning and development of plans using a community development framework

HR and Industrial Relations
– Assist with enquiries relating to employment, HR and IR related issues, making appropriate links and referrals

Information Dissemination and Sharing Good Practice
– Provide links to resources to assist NHs in the areas of governance and program development
– Keep NH sector up to date with local news and resources via monthly newsletter and social media sites
– Keep Membership informed on latest funding opportunities

– Advocate on behalf of Members at a local and statewide level on issues affecting NHs across the western region

Professional Development
– Organise professional development where required based on key issues or themes arising in the NH sector