Story & Strategy – The role of story in motivating action and winning campaigns
(Thank you to Julian Cleary Community Mobilisation Project Lead @ cohealth for these materials – presented at the Network West Innovations Forum 2017)
Download presentation here
Download ‘Ethical and Effective Storytelling in Advocacy’ – 2 page summary
Download ‘Questions before undertaking Advocacy’

The Change Toolkit – Federation of Community Legal Centres
The Change Toolkit is a resource to improve the lives of people through law reform, policy and advocacy. It is made up of 14 different modules including: Engaging Decision Makers, Effective Storytelling and use of case studies, Working with media.

Why Advocate? short video – Our Community 

A toolkit for gender advocacy
For people looking to make a difference in the lives of women by advocating directly to parliamentarians. A collection of practical tips and policy building advice to assist with advocacy.

Civil Voices – Probono Australia / Human Rights Law Centre
A website with resources on advocacy including the Civil Voices – Report for Non For Profit Advocacy and Not for Podcast: Where NFPs fear to tread