Network West Constitution

Network West is an Incorporated Association and is guided by its Constitution.

Network West Constitution – Statement of Purposes

Recognising the diverse nature, and the autonomy of each member of the Association, the purpose for which the Association is established is:

  • To act as a mutual support network and information sharing group for all neighbourhood houses & Community Centres which are members of the Association
  • To provide an advocacy role in representing the interests of member Houses in development of community development practice and in sustaining viability and growth
  • To support individual houses in developing effective operation of their organisation
  • To encourage and work towards developing partnerships to enhance the work of member houses
  • To provide training, access to training and resources, and professional development opportunities for Houses
  • To develop and implement policies and strategies for the Management Committee
  • To promote the philosophies of the Neighbourhood House Sector within the wider community
  • To work with other networks and organisations to strengthen and enrich the Neighbourhood House Sector at regional, state and national levels.

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