Coronavirus Updates

Directions for Metro Melbourne and Regional Victorian neighbourhood houses, as of 11.59pm, 18 November 2021

Proof Of full vaccinations will be required at the entrance to the premises for all people aged 12 years and 2 months visiting the centre for all non-essential visits such as social groups, physical recreation classes, arts and craft classes, community events etc. 

  • COVID Check-In Marshall required
  • Fully vaccinated** indoors: No density quotient or person cap
  • Fully vaccinated** outdoors: No density quotient or person cap

** includes people with a medical exemption and children under 12 years and 2 months of age. Please note: from 6pm 12 November, a letter/medical certificate is no longer considered valid proof of medical exemption. 

Vaccination Status is not required for:

    • Contactless collection i.e. “click and collect”
    • Essential public support groups e.g. AA meetings: DQ4, 50 person cap
    • Essential public support services e.g. food banks: DQ4, 50 person cap

These activities where vaccination status is not required must be held in separate spaces to any non-essential activity, ensuring people coming to your house for essential services aren’t able to crossover and mix with people coming for non-essential activities. 

Early Childhood Education and Services

  • Open to all children, regardless of their parent’s vaccination status

Facemasks are no longer required

Ensuring COVID-Safe practice

Please ensure everyone is observing the highest standards of COVID-Safe practice. This includes:

  • Reviewing and updating your COVIDSafe Plan on a regular basis
  • Using the Victorian Government’s QR Code Check In (and a paper alternative for people who do not use technology)
  • Providing hand sanitizer at entry and other key location points
  • Physical distancing (1.5 meters recommended, including no hugs or hand shakes)
  • Regular disinfecting of high touch points and surfaces (twice a day)
  • Clear signage displayed at your premises and messaging via your regular channels

COVID Safe Plan

All neighbourhood houses across Victoria operating on-site must have a COVID safe Plan.

CLICK HERE for templates and signage that are necessary for your COVID Safe plan

The latest directions from the Vic. Govt. can be found HERE

What to do if you have a confirmed case in the workplace

If there is a confirmed case in the house, click HERE for actions to be undertaken

Useful Translated Resources:

Downloading Vaccination Certificates in Language HERE

Accessing your Vaccination Certificate in Languages HERE

COVID Vaccination Information in languages: HERE

General COVID information in languages: HERE

Vaccine Rollout info: HERE

Please contact Network West if you need any PPE