Community Development

What is Community Development?link to NHVic website on Neighbourhood House sector principles and framework – Click here

Excellent summary on what is community development, what it is not, when to use it and key definitions: Australian Institute of Family Studies – Click here

Excellent Overview of Community Development Principles: presentation by Helen Rodd, Victoria Polytechnic Contemporary CD Practice – Click here

“From welfare to place management: challenges and development for service delivery in the community sector” Smith Family Briefing Paper Click here 

Bank of Ideas: 137 community project ideas that build social capitalClick here

Effective Community Engagement Toolkit – Department of Sustainability and Environment: A comprehensive list of tools for assisting in the planning, implementation and evaluation of community engagement activities: The Engagement Toolkit, Click Here

Assets Based Community Development – What is it all about? Click here

International Association of Community Development  have identified eight themes that are common across practice in community development, Click Here