General Resources

Managing Charity Money: Guide for Board Members on managing finances and meeting ACNC duties

This guide provides insights into good practice in financial management, focusing on practical steps that charities can take to ensure that their finances are used appropriately and protected from misuse.

It also explains the obligations that charities have to the ACNC with regard to their finances such as providing financial reports and ensuring that they operate as not-for-profits.

Child Protection Toolkit

The Child Protection Toolkit has been created by Moores and Our Community as part of our shared commitment to promoting child safety, and helping not-for-profit organisations ensure compliance with the complex web of legislation in this area. The toolkit is designed to be read by school council members, principals and senior teachers, as well as board/committee members and senior managers of any not-for-profit organisation that works with children, though anyone can and should take it upon themselves to ensure every organisation is acting appropriately. There’s so much at stake when organisations get it wrong. Conversely, those that face the issue head on with tenacity, courage and wisdom have an invaluable opportunity to prevent abuse and contribute to the healing of those who have suffered.

Merger Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to assist organisations in undertaking a merger. Mergers can be very rewarding, but require significant time and resources in order to be done successfully. The toolkit reflects our experience and the current literature in the area and has been developed into checklists and tables for ease of use.

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

This guide explains how Social Security disability benefits work while helping people determine whether their disability, illness, or chronic condition is enough to qualify. It walks them through each step of the process, and tells them what to expect during each stage of their Social Security disability application. It includes a disability benefits calculator will help people get an estimate of how much they might collect from Social Security disability or SSI if their case is approved.

Return to Work Guidelines for Organisations

These guidelines consist of actions organisations can take to facilitate return to work for employees following an episode of depression, anxiety or a related disorder. It is hoped that the guidelines will be used to improve the practices of organisations as they support those returning to work after mental health problems.

Mental Health First Aid

How to help a friend, family member or co-worker with mental illness or crisis.  

Are you currently concerned about the mental health of a friend, family member or co-worker? Mental Health First Aid have put together some simple advice based on the mental health first aid guidelines, so you can take supportive action and help someone you are concerned about.

Guidelines for Organisations: Workplace Prevention of Mental Health Problems

These guidelines consist of actions organisations can take to prevent common mental health problems in the workplace. It is hoped that they will be used to improve the practices of organisations as they work to reduce the risk of job stress and mental health problems in the workplace.The guidelines are intended to complement existing legislative requirements for occupational health and safety and the prevention and management of discrimination and harassment.