Neighbourhood House Web Library

What is it?
A website which provides a library of resources, samples and templates for the Neighbourhood House Sector based on the structure of the Neighbourhood House Good Practice Guide, the Networks Good Practice Guide and the Risk Management Matrix. It is a central point where quality assured material, endorsed by the sector is readily available. The resources are specifically tailored to neighbourhood houses and have been assessed for relevance, currency and high quality.

The website aims to promote collaboration and a culture where the material developed within neighbourhood houses and networks is shared more broadly across the sector through a coordinated approach to source and filter material.

It incorporates an innovation section with links to successful sector projects and social enterprises which can be used for inspiration or as a place to research possible collaboration.

Why do I need it?
It is a great place to find examples and tools to help your house operate at optimal effectiveness and ensure the neighbourhood house sector is strengthened through good practice. As the website is one spot that can be accessed by everyone it provides consistent training and documents to the sector and reduces the time neighbourhood houses and networks spend on sourcing relevant documents.

What can I use it for?
You can use the NH web library to:
• Download copies of the Neighbourhood Houses Good Practice Guide (including the self-assessment worksheets), the Networks Good Practice Guide and the Risk Management Matrix.
• Find examples or tools to help you to complete the Neighbourhood Houses Good Practice guide
• Find sample policies for your neighbourhood house
• Induct a new coordinator or committee member into good practice for neighbourhood houses
• Get inspired with project ideas for your neighbourhood house
• Get inspired with social enterprise ideas for your neighbourhood house
• Contribute quality resources, e.g. policies to the neighbourhood house sector
• Share projects and social enterprises from your neighbourhood house

What do I need to get started?
To access the neighbourhood house web library all you need is access to the internet.

How easy is it to use?
The layout of the Neighbourhood House Good Practice Guide online follows the structure of the document exactly. This means you can follow the numbering in the document to find the piece of typical evidence you need online.

The contact form to submit documents, feedback and links is simple and does not require a lot of information to be submitted.

How can I get involved?
You can get involved through using the web library to support the operations of your neighbourhood house and by submitting quality policy, tools, projects, etc. for sharing with the neighbourhood house sector on the web library.