Evaluation Toolkit – DHHS Centre for Evaluation and Research. In 2017, the Centre for Evaluation gave an introductory workshop for the Neighbourhood Houses / Community Centres in the western region. The following are the resources from that workshop.
Introduction to evaluation – Presentation from DHHS Centre for Evaluation workshop
DHHS Evaluation Guide – comprehensive step by step process for evaluation planning and implementation
Logic Model and Common Types of Evaluation
Program Logic examples of NH activities under each category
Program logic template – Centre for Evaluation and Research
Examples of program logics used to evaluate community projects

Social Impact Analysis of Morwell Neighbourhood House – Deloitte Access Economics. – This report found that from an operating income of just $134,039, Morwell NH provided in excess of $600,000 in value to the local community in 2017.  Beyond the financial impact the report found that the NH built individual and community resilience.

Measuring What Matters – an introduction to project evaluation for not-for-profits – Our Community. This resource provides an overview of evaluation, the terminology, definitions and examples of different types of evaluation not for profits can use when measuring their impact.

How to develop a program logic for planning and evaluation – Australian Institute of Family Studies – more resources on program logics with templates and examples

betterevaluation.org – a comprehensive information hub for all things evaluation